Долгосроки в великобритании!!!

Мы ищем волонтеров на долгосрочные проекты в Великобритании.

Проекты на 11 месяцев, начиная с августа 2015 года.

Принимающие организации: Treloar Trust и the Orpheus Centre.

Ниже читайте более подробную информацию на английском языке. Если вам интересно участие в одном из проектов, пожалуйста, пришлите нам ваше резюме и мотивационное письмо на lastochki.russia@gmail.com не позднее 7 января 2015 года.

Both organisations are looking for volunteers who are motivated to share their interests, enthusiasm and time with other people, who would like to be involved in a project supporting young adults with disabilities and who are pro-active, outgoing and friendly.

The Orpheus Centre (accreditation currently being renewed) is a music and performing arts centre working with young adults with disabilities and is based in a very rural location in Surrey countryside (Southern England). This project is looking for volunteers with a strong interest in music and/or the performing arts and who are keen to work with young adults with disabilities. They are looking for a volunteer with a reasonable level of English as many of the students at the centre have communication difficulties. Attached is some more information about the role and tasks for the EVS volunteer as well as some general information about the organisation.

Treloar Trust (2012-GB-59) is a school and college for students with disabilities, promoting independent living. Please note: this project is based in the town of Alton NOT in London. Information about the activities and role for EVS volunteers can be found on the database and for more information on Treloar Trust in general please see their website. There are two roles for volunteers at Treloar Trust, one is to assist the school and college students in their studies and extra activities and the other is to assist in the therapies department and if candidates have a preference they should make it clear in their motivation letter which role they are interested in. Since many of the students have severe communication difficulties and the college are looking for volunteers who have a good level of English.