The animal shelter "Nadezhda"

The animal shelter "Nadezhda" started work in 2012. Their main task is to look for owners for abandoned and homeless animals.

In the shelter most of the dogs live in enclosures with insulated shelters. Smooth-coated and small dogs live in heated wagons. For cats, individual cages are provided in the main house. The shelter is guarded around the clock.

Volunteers work in the shelter every day who feed the animals, give necessary medical treatments and medications and take care of the animals' acclimatisation.

The acceptance of animals is carried out according to availability. Animals who have been left without owners are accepted first. All animals undergo a medical examination by a vet and the animals are treated. After that, they look for new homes for the animals- mainly via announcements in the media, on social networks and at exhibitions.

Animals are given away on condition of a responsible ownership agreement, in which the owner's duties and the right to return the animal to the shelter are established.

Every month 15-20 dogs and 5-6 cats are allocated to new homes or returned to their previous owners.

The length of an animal's stay in the shelter is not restricted. Animals stay in the shelter until they are allocated to somewhere, some animals (who are incurable or old) remain in the shelter until the ends of their lives.

The shelter is funded exclusively by private donations.