Volunteer from France told about his EVS-project.

Hello everybody, I’m Simon from France. I have decided to do an EVS in Russia in order to discover this country its culture and language while doing volunteering work. 
For this purpose I contacted Lastochki in the city of Samara and told them that I would love to come there and help however I can. They told me about the organization called Desnitsa that helps disabled people in wheelchair. 
I had never done volunteering work before that and I was looking forward to working with disabled people something I was not used to before coming here. 
And I have now been here for 6 months and man is that interesting ! 
For instance on the day of the photo that you can see we were going with the staff of Desnitsa to the MEGA mall in order to see if their mall was could use improvement concerning the accessibility for disabled people. 
We tested the lifts, looked for the different doors (like the revolving door at the entrance) the height of the sinks and different other technical stuff to inform the direction of the mall how they could improve their infrastructures. 
After this we went around the mall looking for gifts for the women of our organization as March the 8th (International women’s day) was drawing near. 
But that is not all that we do with Desnitsa, we also make presentations in the different schools of the city to raise awareness concerning disabilities, we also organize games and in these instances I sometime take on the role of a video operator or photographer. One day a week I also go and help Aleksei who is disabled so that we can make projects together (videos, 3d modeling etc)… 
All in all I very much appreciate this EVS and I highly encourage you to follow suit if you are so willing it is an experience without equal that allows you to engage in volunteering and discover another country ! 

Simon Boutin