The volunteers had the opportunity to attend a session on first aid

Thanks to cooperation with the Samara Regional Centre of the All-Russian Public Organisation of Disabled People with Multiple Sclerosis, the volunteers had the opportunity to attend a session on first aid. Visiting doctor, Dr. Mikhail Kurapov, a neurologist, gave the hour-long lecture. In attendance were not only Lastochki volunteers, but also representatives of the centre. The executive director, Ms Svetlana Goronkova, centre coordinator, Ms Elena Anufrieva and centre administrator, Mr Andrei Morozov all attended, as well as members of the centre and their families. 
The presentation covered how to act in the following cases; fainting, epileptic fits, strokes, burns, from both hot and cold, and wounds. Dr. Kurapov busted medical myths, such as telling us not to put anything in the mouth of a fitting person, but instead just to make sure they do not hurt themselves on any surroundings. This course was a particularly useful opportunity for those volunteers working in families with disabled children and in kindergartens. It was attended by Charlotte, from the Lastochki office, Pierre, Lauriane and Martina who volunteer with Parus Nadezhdi and Kaspar, Sina and Guillaume, who work in Waldorf kindergartens.

Kaspar said of the course,

Most of the information was quite general, but I definitely learned one or two things, like how to help a choking child, which I will keep in mind.

 Martina felt that,

It was interesting to see what strange ideas people had about how to treat medical problems and that my ideas too are also sometimes strange. It made me realise how important first aid sessions like this are for everyone.

Many thanks go to Dr. Kurapov for leading the session and the team at the multiple sclerosis centre for hosting it. Given the success of this first course, we hope to hold a similar one in the future, which could be attended by other volunteers wanting to learn something new about first aid.