What is EVS?

European volunteering service (EVS) is one of the programs of the Erasmus +. The main tasks are personal, educational and professional development of the young people, the procedure of the non-formal training, the development of connections to partners in different countries, the popularization of tolerance and the active work with governmental organizations for the payment of the non-profit projects.

Formal criteria:

The European volunteering service (EVS) is accessible for all young people from 18 to 30 years (events with the possibility for a participation of young people are accessible for people from 16 to 17 years). The hosting organization is not allowed to show that the volunteer has the right ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, political principles etc.  Also they are not allowed to demand qualifications and a certain level of education for the choice of the volunteer.


The duration of the volunteer work is from 2 to 12 months (including preparation courses for the projects and valuation of the results of the voluntary work).

The duration of the project should not be longer than 24 months, including preparation courses for the projects and valuation of the results of the voluntary work.




* This is no occasional, non-systematized volunteer work, provided, half-time employment

* This is no stage in a commercial company

* This is no paid work and no replacement

* This is no holiday and no tourism

* This is no language class

* This is no exploitation of workers

* This is no teaching and professional training abroad

The participation at the European Volunteer Service (EVS) does not provide any payments of the organization and is for free for the volunteer.

Detailed information about EVS:


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Video about how to find EVS, made from a volunteer from Sankt-Petersburg