Training “Video and social media for youth participation”

The training “Video and social media for youth participation” took place in September 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. The objective of the training was to teach active young people how to use social media and also other resources for the improvement of the activities and progresses of non-profit organizations.

How it was.

It was cool!

The inviting organization, the polish non-profit organization “Pro Futuro Europae” voluntarily paid the costs of the participants of the conference, like the journey from and to Warsaw. The journey started with the planning how to go to Warsaw. At all I decided to take the original way from Samara to Warsaw via Helsinki and Stockholm. With surprise this route was also the cheapest way of travelling. After the long journey (2 days), via Finland and Sweden, I finally arrived in Poland in the city of Warsaw. The first thing I saw was that I am now in the East of Europe. Wonderful narrow streets, cafés and restaurants in traditional polish style and everybody talked about that the journey will be interesting. Then I arrived at the place of the training and my sleeping place the student residence, which looked like a hotel in the center of Moscow. Then the participants of the project met to get to know each other and we discussed questions concerning the training. There were 36 members from various countries of Europe (Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Rumania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, etc. 

The first day​.

At the first day we got to know each other and we determined also the language we use during this meeting. Our language we used was English, but the half of the participating members also spoke Russian. The organizer of the training was the polish non-profit organization “Pro Futuro Europae”, which together with the business incubator of Warsaw organized the program of training and free time.

Second day.

After the great breakfast, the training began. The speaking language of all participants was found and we presented the organizations, which were participating at the training. Russia presented the non-profit organization “Lastochki, we presented the work with volunteers in Russia and the work for volunteers.

Third day.

At the third day we had to solve the exercises of the host organization. There were the following themes: effective progress of non-profit organizations concerning social media, the work with various institutions, the connection with governmental and educational institutions, the creation of brands and means of progress.

Day four.

At the fourth day we had also sessions of training. We had to build small groups and to lose not too much time we shared the work under the members in the group. In my group were members from Russia, Ukraine and Greece. This day for dinner we ate various plates from the participating countries, but we decided that the Georgian and Italian food is good, but that our Borschtsch and Tschi are better.

Day five​.

At the fifth day we had training again. We presented the results of our work, for example the creation of the homepage WIX, the blog on Twitter, the posts on Facebook and also the video, which presents the training and the organization. At the last day we had our diner in one of the best restaurants in Warsaw. The training came to the end and the participants travelled home with new information.

Thanks to the non-profit organization “Lastochki” for the possibility to go to this training and to get to know interesting people from all places of the continent!