Host organisations

We are interested in cooperating with organisations in the Samara Oblast who need help from foreign volunteers. Hosting foreign volunteers will give your organisation:
1. The opportunity to realise new projects.
2. International contacts.
3. New ideas.
4. Much-needed help at work.
5. Enthusiastic volunteers.
6. The opportunity to improve your knowledge of foreign languages.
In order to take part your organisation must be able to provide:
1. Employment for at least 20 hours a week, 5 days a week for a period of 6-12 months.
2. A supervisor on the project who controls the volunteer’s activities.
Organisations must understand that voluntary work is not a replacement for that of paid employees. Furthermore, a voluntary project is a programme of informal education; this implies a learning process, not only for the volunteer but also for the organisation. When recruiting volunteers, the organisation must not place any restrictions on gender or ethnicity.
We would be grateful for any hosting organisations that can provide volunteers with lunch and a host family.
Lastochki is responsible for:
1. Fulfilling of all official procedures (visa, registration etc.).
2. Providing the volunteer with a mentor, who is will help the volunteer with technical and psychological issues.
3. Overseeing the volunteer throughout their stay.
4. Providing the volunteer with food and accommodation.