Открытые EVS вакансии в Исландии!

Дедлайн: 11 сентября 2016.

По вопросам участия в проектах обращайтесь к нам по электронной почте lastochki.russia@gmail.com.

Project 1: Vin - Center for mentally ill

Vin is a day centre for the mentally ill run by the Red Cross in Iceland.  The aim of the center is to socially integrate otherwise isolated mentally ill people (hereafter called guests), to help them to change their routines and add something extra to their lives. This project gives them the possibility to have something interesting to do during the day, like playing chess, doing gymnastics, hearing music, painting, writing or watching movies.

Vin is meant for those who have been hospitalised but who are in need of support on their own terms. The staff tries to motivate the guests to be active and responsible regarding their health and situation, they try to find each guests strengths and resources and endorse them and likewise endorse them to make educated decisions regarding their live.  

Vin is looking for a volunteer who is friendly, calm and laid-back but dependable. The volunteer should have good English skills.  The volunteer should be between 23-30 years old.

Project 2: Konukot shelter for homeless women

Konukot is an emergency night shelter for homeless women in Reykjavík. Konukot was opened 10th December 2004 and is a collaboration between the Welfare Department of Reykjavík City and the Red Cross of Reykjavík.

Konukot is open every day from 17:00 till 10:00 in the morning. Guests are free to leave and come whenever they want during the opening hours. There are beds for eight women but we never say no, we have had the maximum of 14 women stay for a night.

The main purpose of the shelter is to provide guests with basic needs; shelter, food, clothes, and a clean safe environment. The focus is to create an environment where guests feel comfortable, respected and safe. The staff at the shelter try to understand the living situation of the guests and the reason why they have to seek emergency shelter.

Majority of the women who come are dealing with substance abuse problems and/or suffer from mental health issues. Guests are allowed to be under the influence in the shelter but are not allowed to use substances inside the shelter.

Konukot works under the ideology of harm reduction, which focuses on the prevention of harm, rather than on the prevention of drug use itself. We try to minimize the consequences related to drug use. One example of this is the needle exchange service which is provided inside the shelter. There guests can receive sterile needles and syringes, needle boxes, condoms, cleaning wipes and information about the safer way to inject a drug.  

The focus in the work of the shelter is collaboration, active listening and solution-oriented approach.


Konukot is looking for a volunteer willing to work night shifts. The volunteer must be a female. The volunteers should have a strong and stable personality, the work can be really difficult. The volunteer should be between 23-30 years old and have good skills in English.

Project 3: Sælukot kindergarten

Sælukot kindergarten is looking for 2 volunteers for the fall. Sælukot kindergarten is run after a neo-humanistic ideology where the focus is on vegetarian, vegan, yoga and meditation. The daily schedule is always the same with part of the day spent outside, theme work where the children work with particular topic fx, the universe, animals etc, free playtime, dancing, art and theater along with a little spanish. The children were school uniforms for a solidarity and to avoid social conflicts.

The kindergarten is for children aged 18 months to 6 years old. The school is run by an non-profit international social service organization named Ananda Marga, founded in India in 1955.

The volunteer will be an assistant in the classroom. The volunteer should be interested in the neo-humanism ideology and working with children.

More about the school


Project 4: Salvation Army Iceland

Salvation Army in Iceland has been active since foundation in 1895. The organization, run on christian beliefs, does numerous work in Iceland to assist people in various situations in life.

The project within Salvation Army is a mixed project and for the volunteer, the week will involve various tasks. The volunteer is asked to help out at a soup kitchen and at a center for people with lesser opportunities few times a week. When the volunteer is not doing social work, he is assisting with creative work and at Hertex, a second-hand market run by the Salvation Army. The creative work involves recycling things and using old material to bring new things to life. The products will then be sold in Hertex, the second-hand market.


The volunteer should be independent and flexible regarding the job. The Salvation Army is looking for a creative person that is interested in recycling and sustainability as well as social work and helping people in need.