About us

Lastochki (which means “swallows” in Russian) is a youth organisation based in Samara, founded in 1997 by members of the UN support group in Samara. The organisation works to develop youth exchange programmes and promote the international volunteering movement. In 2001, Lastochki was made the Russian national committee of the ICYE Federation.
ICYE is an international non-governmental youth exchange organisation which promotes youth mobility, intercultural learning and international volunteering. It was founded in 1949 and today it has its headquarters in Berlin. Today the ICYE Federation has agencies in 40 countries across Africa, America, Asia and Europe.
In 2009, the organisation changed its name to “the Lastochki Centre for Voluntary Activity”. We offer short-term volunteering projects through the STePS programme and long-term projects through ICYE.
In 2011, Lastochki gained accreditation as a sending and host organisation within the framework of the EVS (European Voluntary Service) programme, funded by the European Commission. We also exist as a point of contact for other host organisations in Samara.