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THEME OR TYPE OF PROJECT:  Disabled, Education
The Betesda Foundation is a non profit organisation established in 1994, with the purpose of contributing  to the development of people with learning or physical disabilities. Volunteer will participate in the workshops organized in the residence (with wood, flowers, music, painting) and leisure activities (cinema, restaurants, theatre, youth festivals, trips to the mountains,...). They will be asked to support residents in the care attention (shower, meals, etc.).

NAME OF PROJECT:  BASIDA (different venues in Spain )

THEME OR TYPE OF PROJECT:  Disabled, Education, Shelter for people suffering from HIV-AIDS

 A charitable, non-profit making association, that has been declared as a Public Utility since 1996, has the general aim of providing attention to needy people from bio-psychosocial point of view, with a scope of performance at a local, regional and national level.

Some of the most frequent activities to be carried out by the volunteers are:

Attendance to sick people and to those who are in bed, Support for meals, cleaning the residents, etc. They will participate in the daily home activities.